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FADA Academy

FADA recognises the importance of effective manpower in driving the auto dealership business in the changed scenario where competition is the buzzword. In order that this activity gets focussed attention, FADA has created a separate training wing called "FADA Academy".

FADA Academy offers opportunities to dealers in different parts of the country to participate in workshops/seminars addressed by experts from the industry, academia, management consultants and experienced dealers.

With the stupendous growth of automobile industry and expansion of dealer network, there is an acute shortage of trained manpower for automobile dealership and workshop operations. FADA, therefore, ties up with other reputed institutions to conduct training courses to cater to the manpower needs of automobile dealerships. 

FADA Academy also organizes from time to time seminars/workshops on subjects of topical interest to automobile dealerships such as Strategic HR, Inventory Control & Management, Allied Business Opportunities, Improving Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability through Use of IT and the like.

Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC)

In addition to conducting its own training programme, FADA has joined hands with SIAM and ACMA to form Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) under the aegis of National Skills Development Corporation set up by the Government of India. ASDC aims at addressing the medium and long-term manpower requirements of automotive sector as a whole.

Group 10

FADA Group 20, later modified to Group 10 (for more effective working), is designed for dealers who mean business. Group 10 meetings take a hard-nosed, no-nonsense look at improving profitability, management skills and problem solving through sharing of experiences and information within the Group. The meetings focus on improving the bottom lines and operational efficiencies. Members are drawn from non-competing dealerships (in the same market) and they discuss the common problems, exchange ideas and analyse data. This gives an opportunity to compare one's dealership performance with other fellow dealers and against franchise benchmark data. The discussions and sharing of data within the Group brings forth the best practices and systems in vogue within the trade for the benefit of automobile dealer fraternity at large


Commencing from 2000, FADA has been organising a biennial Convention of Automobile Dealers, viz. Auto Summit at New Delhi coinciding with the Auto Expo. The Summits were a grand success with each Summit attracting 700-800 participants representing dealerships, vehicle manufacturers, oil companies, banks, insurance & finance companies and media from all over the country and abroad. Practically, all leaders of automotive industry and allied businesses have addressed at this forum in the past on various issues including changing paradigm of auto retail, marketing, human resource management, customer satisfaction, relationship management, etc.

The Summit deliberations helped in creating a tremendous awakening and identifying the challenges & opportunities for all players in automotive business.

FADA also organises Regional Conventions from time to time keeping in mind the fact that many dealers in far-flung areas are not able to attend the Auto Summit because of long distances and their poor connectivity.

In addition, FADA has also been organising Open House Sessions and Regional Meetings which afford opportunities for office bearers to feel the pulse of retail automobile trade and to identify the issues and problems faced by members at regional, state and city levels.


FADA provides Helpline service to its members to guide them on tackling the complexities of laws & procedures governing automobile dealerships.  The Helpline service covers diverse areas, like, taxation, motor vehicle registration, environment issues like pollution and emissions, economic policies, land use law, and other rules and regulations affecting dealership business.

Engagement of GST Tax Consultant

It has been observed that automobile dealers across India have been finding it difficult to come to grips with the intricacies and implications of GST.

To help members deal with the complexities of GST law and procedures, FADA has engaged a GST Consultant on retainership. All queries regarding GST received from members are referred by FADA to the GST Consultant.  They guides and gives legal opinion on various issues relating to GST as applicable to automobile dealers.

International Networking

In the year 2000, FADA took a delegation to USA and visited National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). It was a very fruitful visit, wherein members learnt a lot about their issues and practices, and gathered information about operations of a dealer association. Since then, several delegations to NADA and other countries have been mounted by FADA.  FADA has also hosted and met various delegations from abroad.  These exchange of visits have helped understand the auto retails scenario, practices and problems prevailing at global level. To further strengthen networking for information sharing and exchange of ideas, FADA has mooted a proposal for formation of an apex international organisation of auto retail, representing auto retail organisations in different countries across the world.  The proposal has been well-received by auto retail associations in US, Russia, Brazil and UK. FADA’s efforts are afoot to bring in auto retail associations in other countries to join this proposed umbrella organisation of auto retail.


FADA brings out a monthly publication “FADA Journal” that covers news, events and developments of interest to automobile dealers.  FADA also brings out from time to time other publications focusing on specific topics relevant to the automobile dealership management.

Green & Safety Initiatives

FADA has, from time to time, come up with ‘Green & Safety Initiatives’ for sustainable growth and development of automotive business as a whole.  FADA and SIAM have jointly initiated a Voluntary Vehicle Safety Inspection Programme to promote the twin objective of Clean Air and Safe Motoring.  Two private insurance companies have also joined the programme and offered to given incentives in insurance premium in the case of vehicles undergoing this voluntary inspection & certification programme.

F A D A Awards

F A D A Awards in its new avatar has been constituted by F A D A and is powered by Autocar Professional, India’s premier B2B automotive magazine. The first F A D A Awards happened in line with the 10th Auto Summit, on 9th Feb’18 in New Delhi. Currently there are eight awards identifying two top performing dealers in four key vehicle categories: two wheelers, three wheelers, passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Also, there are awards for four special categories: Sustainability Initiative, CSR Initiative, Employee Engagement and Digital Initiative as well. Thus, a total of twelve awards are being presented. To make the award process fair and transparent, a credible third-party evaluation firm is chosen as Knowledge Partners. The intent of these awards is to bring to the fore the innovative ideas and practices adopted by members of automobile dealer fraternity as well as the CSR and social activities being carried out by them for the benefit of society at large. Other automobile dealers can learn and assimilate such ideas and practices at their dealerships, thereby, promoting all-round excellence in auto retail. CSR and community welfare activities undertaken by automobile dealer fraternity becoming visible through the medium of these awards bring in loads of goodwill of the Government and the society for the trade. Such CSR and community welfare activities ultimately make a business sense, as no business can survive without the goodwill and support of the society.

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